Prayer Projects are a large part of our Spiritual Formation & Soul Care degree. They consist of reflecting on certain verses, articles, or questions in prayer with the intent of the Spirit moving in our hearts. Dr. Coe originally assigned a prayer project to his early psychology class and was surprised how the reflection really brought out their inner life. So these have become a consistent part of ISF (how we abbreviate our degree). So we would love you to join us and take part in these prayer projects each week when you can.

We will have two Prayer Projects per week, one for each of our ISF classes.

Dr. Coe encouraged us to remember, "These Prayer Projects are not transformative themselves, but meant to open your heart to the Spirit and His transformation."

ALSO he said, "If your mind 'wanders' and is 'distracted,' allow God to take you down this road in where your heart is really at and what you are really feeling. Let Him restructure your idea of what you 'think' God wants you to talk to Him about or how you 'think' God defines what's good/bad to pray about. For instance, if you keep thinking about all the tasks you need to get done, or how you are going to pay the bills this month, or your friend that just shared a burden, explore this 'side note' with God. Talk to Him about what is on your mind. Ask Him to meet you where your heart is at. He wants the real you, not the you that is trying to be something your not. That's the you He loves, accepts, and desires most."


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