Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finals--Pizza--The Desert Map--Hibernation Day


Keri and I just finished finals, and I wanted to share with you a story I wrote for our Hermeneutics (Greek for 'Interpretation') Final. It's called The Desert Map! (Keri made up a Memory Game!! But that you would have to see in person). Click the link below if you'd like to read it.

The Desert Map

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Engaged! 2 years ago today!!

Dave proposed 2 years ago today!! As we have been reflecting on it this morning, we thought we'd share our engagement story again. It was such a special day!!!

Our Engagement Story
*written in Dec, 2010 after proposing

Proposing was a very visceral and exciting experience for the two of us.  Some would have you believe that proposing is laced with romance, rays of sunshine and melodies from fluttery classical tunes—but for us, it was a bit more concrete.  
God had been working in our friendship for over 5 years. God placed marriage more certainly on my (David’s) heart the week after thanksgiving, opportunity’s doors began to open.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mornings Musings and the Value of Life

As I sat one rainy morning and just drank tea, letting my mind wake up, some thoughts drifted through they are in semi-rawness...

a poem sketched in my journal:

as i drink my morning cup
and watch the steam rise off the mug
i wonder,
has my life steeped too much in the warmth of the world?
have i only leaked into
or rather
have i failed to rise like vapor purified?
away from everything sweet on which i lean
to surmise
and be apart
and at peace
without my everyday comforting of things as they seem.