Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today, the blog begins

Well, after a wonderful and long week of many friends, interviews, home organization and shelf building, lots of cleaning---God is still God, He hasn't changed. My mind feels like mush, but my heart is really happy. Keri and I are looking forward to a short sabbath tonight (or "fika" as they say in Sweden) and the Easter celebration tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who came over, you each are such a reminder of God's creativity and thoughtfulness.

I cannot comprehend Easter. Since childhood it has been tied to egg hunts, pastel colors, chocolate in various forms, a rabbit/flowers, and some churchy symbols trying to compact an immeasurable message into a party favor. It still seems soaked with meaninglessness when I look at these things, and my taste for it's empty calories has died away. If I haven't emotionally connected to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus on a daily basis throughout the year--why am I trying to force it into one day (or even a few). (and are chocolates going to help that?) If Christianity, or any spirituality, is about a moment, if it is about a singular experience, some epic transcendent exchange,--it is not about the one we make with God sometime in our life--it is about the quiet moment when Jesus committed His life to God through death, holding you in Him. I cannot try to desire anything in Jesus without presuming His experience on Him, and through Him on me. I need to stop looking for my own, and let His be mine. What am I waiting for now? Jesus, I rest in You--You accomplish all that You've asked of me. This is so disconnected from tomorrow for me--I do not know how to celebrate it. It was Your moment, and You decided to include me. The ignorance of celebrating this with bunnies is contrasted to how impossible it is to give you my life. There, my friends, is a dichotomy God brings to the human condition--we are saved from a world that doesn't realized the lavish graced God's given--and instead of shouting miracle, we give chocolate candy. When God celebrates our obedience, we only celebrate our pleasures. Oh, God, You've worked the resurrection in me, work the same lavish grace around me--all Your experience is ours. And Easter, make it immediate in our heart.

Here's a list of all the wonderful people who stopped by this week: Brent, Ruth, Te, Nick, Liam, Lauren Brendan, Rachel, Connor, Sherianne, Riley...there may have been more, but those are immediately on my mind.