Friday, October 28, 2011

Short Entry

Hello friends,
Keri and I are off on another busy weekend. She is going on a mom retreat to Rancho Cucamunga (I don't think I spelled that right). They're shopping, seeing movies, walking around, going to dinner and loving mom-daughter time :)

I'm going to Grace Ev Free's Men's Retreat at the Church in La Mirada (near Biola). I'm spending time with Gil (Father-in-law), and reflecting on manhood. There is a lot to learn. Really looking forward to getting to know Gil better and learning from other older men :)

That's our lives for now. Keri and I will reunite on saturday to rest and reflect :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Song Writing

I just wrote a song about the Spirit working in our hearts through Jesus. Check it out, it's really rough, but I thought you might like it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wedding #7 (Click HERE for Groomsman dance!!)

Wedding #7, October 7: Calvin & Kenzie

Calvin & Kenzie got married!!!! We were thrilled for them as they came together on this day! As they said their vows and washed each other's feet, it was a beautiful picture of Jesus' love. They both seemed very much present and in the moment! My favorite part was singing a hymn all together at the beginning of the ceremony. I couldn't really sing much of the song because it was so touching to watch & experience the holiness of the moment. God was so present & what a blessing to worship the Lord together for this union. It was obvious how much they love each other. Their reception was a blast. Not only was there a flock of wonderful, godly people (compliments to Cal and Kenzie's character and interests), but those godly people knew how to dance. P.S. check out the link to our groomsmen dance, it was a really fun gift for Kenzie from all of us!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We have been blessed to have been apart of sooo many of our friends getting married this year! It was been special to attend weddings now that we are married. Who would have thought we would be able to reflect back on our wedding (and vows!) so many times, while rejoicing with our friends who are entering in to the same adventure. From northern california, to wheaton, to central california.....we have been all over the place since we have been married. 7 weddings so far.....1 more to go Dec. 30 when Brendan & Rachel wed. Here they are:

Wedding #1, April 3: Kelly & Tyler Orender

Dave and I got to help out with all the details. I put together the slideshow and it was so much fun to help and be apart of. We loved watching their honest and free love for one another. One of my favorite parts in the wedding was when Kelly walked in with her dad. When she walked in and saw the crowd of people stand for her she started laughing in unbelief and surprise at the reality of what was before it. It was so sweet! Also, I loved that the climbed a tree to jump off the leap of faith together! We love Kelly and Tyler and hope for more times with them in the future! She is a special friend and was my roommate at Mount Hermon! Good times :)