Sunday, June 15, 2014

Being With God...While Letting Him Be God (Part 5)

God's mystery can actually lead to prayer, surrender and trust. 

When we draw close to God as bigger than us, we actually learn more about the mystery in our own lives, and find confidence to trust Him in areas of uncertainty. 

In surrender to God's mystery our hearts are softened and we are actually opened up to Him. This is reassuring because His mystery is always paired with His goodness, control, wisdom and power. 

We can trust God when life overwhelms us because He is bigger than us

We can open to His revelation in the Word and in prayer, and so experience Him as close and with  us. 

We are opened to ourselves as we truly are before Him, for He knows all of us.

He who reveals mysteries has made known to you what will take place.

But as for me, this mystery has not been revealed to me for any wisdom residing in me more than in any other living man, 

but for the purpose of making the interprpetation known to the king, and that you may understand the thoughts of your mind (heart). (Dan 2. 29-30).

This verse connects the transcendence of God with His immanence with Daniel in revealing the dream of the king, for the purpose of the king understanding the mystery of what is going on in His life. This is how God's bigness connects with His closeness. 

When we are close to the Mysterious One, we actually learn more about our own life. 

Poetry is a way I learn a lot about God's presence and His mystery. 

Here are a few poems I wrote that speaks of this truth:


I am Used to Seeing Blinded

love seems to fill everything
when my eyes are adjusted

but until then I scour the world
looking for what’s already here

could I catch a glimpse of what You’re showing me
of Your sweetness, of Your truth

then in one moment i realize how blind i am
(and was and very soon may be)

what would it be to be consumed by You,
the All-Consuming Fire?
i have a feeling You’ve made Your way around the world
and it is i who am hiding.

                        i am used to seeing blinded. 

You and Me

You are eternity and chaos
written on my heart
with felt tipped markers
of silver and gold,
You’ve written Love like i've never known—
it could make my mind explode
except for the little child
hiding in the corner
who hears you writing
and runs to find the source
but, oh my, too bright are the words!
yet You step from the light
and in fatherly converse
receive little me
into All-You,
“My son.”
     “my Dad.”


And ill be sitting with you
until our tea gets cold
until the world settles 
and all the untold stories sit down
like old friends
and tell of holes made of faces
soft touches, warm embraces,
the kind that the world bends to listen in
and wonder with us
what has been and what is its ending
you and i had thought we were pretending
all the while love had crept in on us
unnoticed and unbidden
like the shadowy reflection in our mirror
light reflects light
until all things are clear.

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